(Hellenistic Levy Javelin Infantry)
Akontistai icon
Unit type Javelin Infantry
Base cost 20 Food Food, 10 Wealth Wealth, 10 Timber Timber
Ramping cost 1 Timber Timber, 1 Wealth Wealth
Creation time 4.4 seconds
Hit points 40
Line of sight 11
Movement speed 32
Attack strength 23
Attack range 8-11
Armour 1
Population cost 1 Population Population
Created at Peasant Dwellings
Prerequisites none
Upgrades from none
Upgrades to Peltastai
Available to Macedonians
Chremonidean League (Spartan tech tree)
Ptolemaic Egyptians

These javelin-armed peasants are capable of skirmishing but not much else. They are cheap and quick to recruit, and they can inflict some damage on unarmoured units, making them useful early on in the game when resources are difficult to come by. However, they will be quickly torn apart by any professional soldiers, as they have only a small shield to protect themselves with.


Historically, the Akontistai were very poor peasants who formed a part of the psiloi. They generally did not play an important part in battles, with their usage restricted to skirmishing before battles, though this sometimes could be useful in prompting an enemy to attack.


  • Akontistai is English transcription of the Greek ακοντισται which means "javelineers".


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