Unlike the run-of-the-mill Scutanann recruited by both Spanish factions, these heavy skirmishers are not roving warbandsm, but are recruited from amongst the tribal chieftains of the Lusitanian confederation, and thus are by no means to be underestimated. Their skill with the javelin and their access to good armour means that any attempt to charge them using sword infantry or even melee cavalry is bound to end poorly for the aggressors, and so Arjos Scutanann are highly useful for the Lusitanian faction in the mid- to late-game especially where diplomatic victories are concerned.

As with most heavy infantry, however, Arjos Scutanann are still easily countered by the usual enemies despite their powerful ranged attacks: even masses of Toxotai can easily blot them out, so Arjos Scutanann are best used defensively, and never far from light cavalry support.

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