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Armenian Icon
The Armenians have the power of Feudalism. They replace the Indians.

Once a satrapy belonging to the King of Kings, Armenia now stands on the threshold of a new era. With Alexander joining lands east and west together in a single empire, all Asia and Europe now flow with wealth as never before even as the many kingdoms of the world continue to boil and seethe with war.

As such, Orontid Armenia, as fragile and weak as it may seem, is poised to benefit from the new riches to be made from the new trade spilling in from the Orient into Asia Minor. The home of the Armenians is also one which is roiled by earthquakes, whose brutual lessons to the Armenian peoples have been taken to heart by its more architecturally inclined rulers.

Faction Bonuses:Edit

  • Ancestral Tradition: City Economic Radius is increased by +4
  • Best of Both Worlds: Caravan income is increased by +15%
  • Master Architects: Buildings do not rise in cost except for Wonders, Towers, Lookouts, and Forts, which rise at half the normal rate, and Cities, which rise normally


  • Artaxias
  • Tigranes
  • Artavasdes
  • Ariobarzanes
  • Sames
  • Charaspes
  • Arsames
  • Xerxes
  • Abdissares
  • Orontes
  • Ptolemaeus of Commagene


  • Yervandashat
  • Armavir
  • Sper
  • Sasun
  • Aragatsotn
  • Sevan
  • Spitak
  • Adana
  • Van
  • Ani
  • Kars
  • Taron
  • Tavush
  • Manzigerd
  • Tigrangerd
  • Arsamosta
  • Arkatiagerd
  • Regina
  • Syunik