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  • Offensive cavalry and spearman-based faction centred around economic booming.
  • Enjoys substantial cavalry superiority, with enhanced anti-attritional ability.
  • Food production bonus that grows in proportion with your empire


  • Substantial Influence and Taxation handicaps.
  • Mediocre infantry
  • Almost no siege weapons or navy

The Armenians enjoy substantial economic and military powers, with the ability to create larger, more developed cities and the ability to create a powerful land armyto fight a defensive war, which is centred around cavalry and buildings.

Because ramp cost for construction is eliminated, the Armenian player can expand early because much needed structures such as farms, woodcutter and mining camps stay at the same price for the whole game. So while other nations have to gather more and more to build even the most essential buildings, Armenian cities are able to save these resources on creating extra buildings, which is especially useful when the game starts because they can get extra farms, woodcutter camps, temples, markets, etc, which of course produce extra resources. Also with a larger economic radius for cities you can have extra forests and mountains within their radius so lumber mills and smelters can enhance resource production even further.

 The Armenian preference is normally for melee cavalry, supported light infantry to counter heavy infantry. Once the heavy units are gone, your Cataphract cavalry are meant to knock out ranged units (which normally have very poor armour). In sufficient numbers, use your cavalry to punish enemy units, and even swarm heavy units albeit with casualties.

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