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Arverni Icon


  • A highly offensive faction geared towards early-game rushing and raiding.
  • Good early-game light units and cavalry


  • Culturally backward
  • No proper economic perks
  • Low potential for producing food.

Although they are deficient in Agronomy upgrades, the Arverni are still able to earn their keep through raiding their opponents. Like their historical counterparts, the Arverni are known for one thing: plundering resources. Rushing will most definitely be something the player should try to master, should be done almost immediately as the game starts since military units will also contribute to the Arverni economy to keep the machinery of the kingdom going with each kill they make. Arverni troops reflect their Gallic heritage well. The fact that the Arverni can spawn many light infantry units whenever you build a new Barracks means that you can easily amass an army of harder-hitting units that can be used to rush an enemy in the early game, or at least defend your lines more effectively.

So the Arverni are a somewhat difficult but rewarding faction to play if you do know what you are doing. If one is unable to finish off an enemy outright with a rush, keeping the pressure on with constant harassment and raids is advisable, in particularly outlying enemy settlements and trade units where you can do your damage with as little risk to yourself as possible.Another alternative is to make friends with someone whose economy or technologies can help yours. Factions capable of producing food such as the Chremonideans or the Bosporans who have an immense capability in producing food should be favoured as allies where possible. In this case, the Arverni can function as the main provider of security, while its allies contribute resources that can be used in the Arverni war effort. By all accounts, you should attack often and attack early regardless of your allies. Use the military to keep their enemies in check while enriching your own economy.

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