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The Bactrians have the Power of Culture.

Formerly an outpost of the Alexandrine Empire, Bactria is now a satrapy to the Seleucids, and is one of the most distant and least tolerated of all Greeks — this is in no small part due to the increasingly cosmopolitan nature of Bactria's dynasts who while trying to cling on to their Greek roots are trying to raise their appeal amongst their more exotic Parthian and Indian subjects.

Despite being open to the bloodthirsty nomads of the north, Bactria's connections to India and distant China ensure that Bactria as a faction is one which can count of getting the expertise and manpower required for what projects Bactrian rulers have in mind due to their popularity. The dazzling wealth and Bactria's mountainous barriers to the south, east and west may also help this kingdom to rise beyond the rest, should there be a means of liquidating the Parthians before they are a potent force capable of stymying Bactrian forays south and west.

National bonusesEdit

  • Indigenous Support: Scholars, citizens, merchants and caravans created instantly.
  • Erudite Patronage: Science research at the Library 20% cheaper.
  • Ayurveda: Receive Herbal Lore line of research for free at the granary.
  • Super Sized: Start with a Large City. New cities you found become Large Cities.


  • Agathocles
  • Pantaleon
  • Antimachus
  • Apollodotus
  • Demetrius
  • Eucratides
  • Antimachus
  • Menander
  • Zoilos
  • Agathokleia
  • Lysias
  • Strato
  • Antialcidas
  • Heliocles
  • Polyxenos
  • Demetrius III Aniketou
  • Philoxenus
  • Diomedes Soter
  • Amyntas Nicator
  • Epander
  • Theophilos
  • Peukolaos
  • Thraso
  • Nicias
  • Menander Dikaiou
  • Artimedoros
  • Hermaeus
  • Archebius
  • Maues
  • Telephos
  • Apollodotus
  • Hippostratos
  • Dionysos
  • Azes
  • Zoilos
  • Apollophanes


  • Baktra
  • Dista
  • Nabaris
  • Taua
  • Augara
  • Bitaxa
  • Sarmagana
  • Gariga
  • Darcama
  • Astasana
  • Zimyra
  • Basica
  • Sotira
  • Maracanda
  • Sipharê
  • Rhagaura
  • Zamuchana
  • Ambrodax
  • Bogadia
  • Varpna
  • Aria Civitas
  • Orbetanê
  • Nisibis
  • Paracanacê
  • Alexandria Ariana
  • Godana
  • Phoraga
  • Chatrisachê
  • Chauvrina
  • Orthiana
  • Taupana
  • Astanda
  • Articaudna
  • Babarsana
  • Caputana
  • Cotacê
  • Tribasina

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