Basilikoi Peltastai
(Successor Elite Sword Infantry)
Basilikoi peltastai icon
Unit type Sword Infantry
Base cost 80 Food Food, 100 Wealth Wealth, 80 Metal Metal
Ramping cost 5 Wealth Wealth
Creation time 22.2 seconds
Hit points 350
Line of sight 8
Movement speed 29
Attack strength 45
Attack range 0-0
Armour 21
Population cost 1 Population Population
Created at Noble Residence
Prerequisites none
Upgrades from none
Upgrades to Thorakitai Argyraspides (Bosporans and Seleucids)
Thorakitai Epilektoi (Ptolemaic Egyptians)
Available to Macedonians
Ptolemaic Egyptians

The Basilikoi Peltastai are an elite assault infantry unit available to Macedon. These swordsmen are incredibly versatile, with the speed to chase down enemies and perform rapid maneuvers in the midst of a battle, and the armour, health and attack to be highly effective in a pitched battle. While they can defeat any non-elite infantry unit with ease, they are still no match for heavy cavalry. Also, their elite status makes them costly and time-consuming to train.


Historically, the Basilikoi Peltastai appeared as part of the elite guards of the Hellenistic kings. Although they are known as Peltastai, they are vastly different from the peasant skirmishers of the same name, having much better equipment, training and status. Like the Hypaspistai of Alexander the Great, they were used for assaulting fortresses, fighting in difficult terrain, flanking the enemy formations and exploiting any gaps.


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