Battering Ram
Battram ico
Unit type Anti-building melée siege machine
Base cost
Ramping cost
Creation time
Hit points 250
Line of sight
Movement speed
Attack strength 56
Attack range 2
Armour 23
Population cost
Created at Siege Workshop
Upgrades from none
Upgrades to none
Available to All

The first of all siege machines available from the Siege Workshop, the Battering Ram is the very first and foremost siege weapon that you may construct, and is also the cheapest. The Battering Ram's ability to eat arrow fire makes it a vital weapon that can be used against buildings, although the speed at which it it moves means that you can't always build these units in large numbers. Nor should you, given that they are easily destroyed by units and are totally worthless if used against ships and other siege weapons, being able to attack only at melee range. Worse, Battering Rams have no LOS whatsoever so you need to be careful when using them — enemy spies and agents will have a field day against them!

Nevertheless, compared to other siege weapons, the battering ram has a rather high amount of hitpoints and armour, so they are useful for breaking down enemy Forts at the start of a game. Battering Rams are also relatively cheap and easy to build, making them ideal if you need to level enemy installations on the double but aren't sufficient rich nor advanced to get out Ballistae. As mentioned earlier on, Battering Rams are tough if facing only buildings, and so can be used to draw enemy fire while letting your troops ravage a city if need be since they can't really be taken out that quickly with arrow fire.


The simplest of all implements of destruction, the battering ram is a large wooden pole used to destroy enemy fortifications, particularly gates and wooden walls by having it hoisted by a body of men and hitting a gate or a part of a wall repeatedly. Sometimes, the ram would also have a special-purpose carriage for it which could allow it to work more effectively and protect the operators as well. Battering rams have continued to remain indispensable even to our very own days; any object which is long and sturdy enough can be used to ram down doors and walls with sufficient force.


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