Although these champions are lightly armed and carry little in the way of armour, apart from the ubiquitous "mirror armour" of the Iberians and a Greek-style round shield, do not underestimate their valour or skills — Birikantinoi are called "the superior ones" by the Spanish and for good reason too, for they, while being lightly armoured, constitute an élite class of warriors of consummate speed and skill whose main task is to chop, hack, or stab the enemy into oblivion, and as such they have an anti-infantry bonus, making them highly lethal especially if used early on against infantry-heavy civs such as the Romans or the Suebi. Against factions with cavalry or archers, however, it is very much another story, and if you are planning on being rushed, Birikantinoi are not an ideal choice and their near-lack of armour makes them even more vulnerable to the more heavier Greek infantry should the Greek factions field enough of them. In which case, you would be better off recruiting other units instead, particularly your mercenaries from the Outpost, or your élite cavalry units from your Palace.

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