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The Bosporans have the Power of Diversity.

Far to the northeast of the known world lies Cimmeria: a land of brooding plains pierced by the Euxine Sea and Lake Maeotis, at the juncture of which lies the kingdom of the Bosporus, named after the strait between both the Euxine Sea and the Lake.

Combining the best of both east and west, and Greek and barbarian, the Bosporan Kingdom combines the hero's ways of shipand spear with the intuitive horseriding skills of the nomadic tribes who inhabit this region, fuelled by the rich goodness of the Cimmerian soil which has allowed the Bosporans to produce almost enough grain to feed all Hellas. With a firm hand and an eye to the new threats arriving from east and west, the Bosporan kingdom should not find it difficult to achieve greatness, standing toe to toe with the other powers of the civilised world.

National bonusesEdit

  • Military Traditions: Barracks units are cheaper, trained faster and deal more damage to buildings, based on your Military tech level
  • Euxine Grain Trade: Farms are 50% cheaper
  • Heirs of Jason: Ships are 10% cheaper


  • Cotys
  • Eunice
  • Aspurgus
  • Dynamis
  • Leucon
  • Rhescuporis
  • Spartocus
  • Eumelos
  • Paerisades


  • Panticapaeum
  • Tyras
  • Harpis
  • Olbia
  • Eupatoria
  • Gorgippa
  • Chersonesus
  • Theodosia
  • Cimmericum
  • Nymphaeum
  • Hermonassa
  • Kepoi
  • Germonassa
  • Phanagoria
  • Tanais
  • Cotiora
  • Antiphilus
  • Odessus
  • Myrmekeion

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