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The Carthaginians have the Power of Navigation. They replace the Spanish.

Far to the west in Africa is the city of Carthage. Once a dependant of the Phoenician hegemons in distant Phoenicia on the other side of the Mediterranean, Carthage however has risen to become the queen of them all, administering a trading empire that runs from the farthest corners of the world all the way to the greatest cities and kingdoms of all men.

The power of Carthage is built on the backs of her fleets and the brave sailors who man them, gathering profit via entrepot trade and enforcing the will of the judges who serve the cities where this trade takes place. Even so, Carthage in past years has become fat and opulent especially from the lucrative trade in silver, copper and tin with the Celts and the Italians. Should Carthage's rivals decide to usurp her place on the waves, it could well be that the survival and continuity of this — the Phoenicians' greatest city ever — will be in doubt.

National bonusesEdit

  • Expert Navigators: Begins game with map explored.
  • Pioneering Spirit: Starts with extra light cavalry, two in revealed map games
  • Phoenician Patrimony: Receives a free Heavy warship whenever a dock is built
  • Master Prospectors: Gains 30+(26*science level) resources instead of 20 from Ruins


  • Hamilcar
  • Gisco
  • Hannibal
  • Hasdrubal
  • Matho
  • Mago
  • Hanno


  • Carthage
  • Utica
  • Hippo Regius
  • Gades
  • Carthago Nova
  • Panormus
  • Lilybaeum
  • Hadrumetum
  • Zama
  • Ocilis
  • Leptis
  • Hippo Diarrhytus
  • Motya
  • Sulci
  • Tharros
  • Leptis Parva 
  • Soluntum
  • Lixus
  • Oea
  • Malaca
  • Ibossim
  • Thapsus
  • Aleria
  • Abyla
  • Rusadir
  • Baecula
  • Saldae
  • Karalsis
  • Regia
  • Tipasa


Since Carthage doesn't exist in the later part of the historical cycle of Kings & Conquerors, its bonuses are taken up by the Judaean sub-faction in Imperivm Invictvm and Rise of the Barbarians. It differs from Carthage in that it can only construct rudimentary warships and siege weapons (most notably Lemboi and Triremes ), and Afrikanim and Lybim units are absent, with the Outpost recruiting only Iudaioi and Araboi , and the Peasant Dwellings recruitng the five low-level units associated with the Greeks.