Cavalry archers consist of warriors primarily trained to use bows from horseback, without ever dismounting. This makes them somewhat deadly as they are capable of closing in, firing their salvos and then retreating out of harm's way if so needed.

Blind spotsEdit

Although they are substantially cheaper to equip than, say, missile-armed chariots, cavalry archers have a notable blind spot directly to their rear and to their right. It is not known to what extent this blind spot exists.

  1. One case is that lighter horse archers would have greater mobility, providing them with an even greater arc of fire to the right, as well as close to the back, in comparison to more heavily armed cavalry archers, such as the medium-strength Aursa Uaezdaettae.
  2. Another argument could be made against the first, by saying that elite cavalry archers are more proficient than say, levies such as the Fat Aexsdzyhtae and so have a more substantial field of fire compared to the same.

What is known at present is that blind spots can alter how Rise of Nations rotates cavalry archer torsos and turrets.

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