Rise of the BarbariansEdit

Bellum Sociale!Edit

(Effects: southern Italy reduced fort level to 1, no tribute to Romans, but other areas of Italy outside of Latium get a +2 fort level modifier.)

"A massive rebellion in southern Italy has been put down with utmost cruelty! Roman forces have massacred their Samnite subjects, laying waste to their lands, but promises of greater enfranchisement were extended to other socii, boosting their integrity wthin the Roman imperium!"

Sertorian War!Edit

(Effect: Lusitanians break away, south Italy and Sicily join Sertorian Republic)

"Unresolved political tensions have resulted in the breakaway of Roman Lusitania under the general Sertorius! gaining the trust of the local Lusitanians, he has established a power base in the westernmost reaches of the Roman imperium and has inspired a slave revolt in southerm Italy!"

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