Heavy cavalry consist of powerful cavalry units, usually heavily armoured, whose primary duty unlike light cavalry is to close in on an enemy to kill. Because they are more powerful and harder to kill than light cavalry, they are ideal for situations where charging headlong into a foe's formations are necessary, such as against lighter melee infantry or foot archers. This power comes at a price, though: heavy cavalry are amongst some of the heaviest units and aren't as mobile as light cavalry. In any case, they are best teamed up with units capable of eliminating heavy infantry, their primary foil, such as light infantry or cavalry archers.

NOTE: With the exception of war elephants, heavy cavalry with a ranged attack - usually javelin cavalry - NEVER get to be able to attack at range.

Notable heavy cavalry unitsEdit

Shock cavalryEdit

Equites Extraordinarii

Roman Icon

Equites extraordinarii icon
  • Heavy shock cavalry units, costly to recruit but capable of causing much disorder and damage if left unchecked

Harmata Drepanephora

Bosporan Icon Pontic Icon Seleucid Icon

Harmata icon
  • Heavy war chariot, capable of mowing down formations of lightly armoured foes, but costly to build and weak especially against pike infantry.

Hiera Ile

Macedon Icon

Hiera Ile icon
  • Elite shock cavalry units, endowed with very high constitution, making them ideal for surviving multiple melee encounters.

Melee cavalryEdit

War elephantsEdit


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