Recharge rate notesEdit

  • heavy ships are 40,
  • light ships are 25 and
  • siege ships are 55.

Ship typesEdit

Mediterranean galleyEdit

shares a common speed amongst all warships from the Quadrireme onward. The damage, hitpoints, recharge time however increases so that while the Quadrireme and Trireme share the same attack and range, they however have different movement speed, costs, and hitpoints. Ditto the 5er, 7er and 10er, which all have progressively higher hitpoints (armour still stays the same however). Turn speed for these units decreases with each upgrade.

Light attack boatsEdit

Some are faster than others, ie Lembos and Dhow, but the Lembos is heavier than the Dhow, albiet slower and hits harder. Dhows and Xorixeulom share the same attack and range, but Xorixeulom is clearly weaker. With the exception of the Xorixeulom, light boats are meant to represent pirates and mercenaries - hence, the Currtaho, Dhow, Liburna, and Lembos all invoke wealth in construction, with the Currtaho costing the least, and the Liburna and Dhow costing the most.

Celtic and Celtiberian warshipsEdit

Celtic warships tend to be stronger than their Mediterranean counterparts but have slower movement, poorer attack and range - only so better than the Lembos or the Currmar. They however make up for it with good turn speed and added armour, and aforementioned HP. A Pontone has the same amount of HP as a 5er, a Pontomar between a 7er and a 10er (round up).

Celtiberian warships however do not share the same qualities, and are infenrior through and through, with the slow movement, poor attack and range pof the Celtic warships......and the inferior armour and HP of a trireme. Generally, the Currtaho is weaker than a Lembos, the Currmar weaker than a Trieres.


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