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Chremonidian League Icon

The Chremonidean League have the Power of Resolve. They replace the Persians.

A desperate alliance for desperate times, this marriage of convenience between the two former giants of the Hellenic could well represent the last throw of the dice for the city-states of Athens and Sparta. Formerly the hegemons of the Greek world, the armies of Athens and Sparta once could well shake the earth as well as Poseidon could, and shake the world they did, with heroic feats and bloody spears at places such as Salamis, Thermopylae and Marathon.

However, that was almost three centuries ago, and since then the focus of power has moved north away from Achaea and beyond. The Macedonians, bereft of their empire under the Argeadae, seek to claim the lands which Alexander once ruled over - if but for a while. Other Greek city-states and kings have reformed themselves to challenge Macedonian rule and usurp the role of hegemon, against the backdrop of clamour from rude barbarians poised to destroy the entire world as we know it.

Faction BonusesEdit

  • Friends in Dry Places: Start with 50% Bonus Food Food.
  • Ancient Ties: Second City built acts as a second Capital. Both receive Capital border bonus, and both must be captured to eliminate you.
  • Banking Acumen: Always have the maximum number of Caravans.
  • Progeny of Pericles: Administration Civic research 30% Cheaper.
  • 'Agora of Athens': Receive Taxation upgrades for free.


  • Chremonides
  • Lachares
  • Areus
  • Acrotatus II
  • Areus II
  • Leonidas II
  • Cleombrotus II
  • Cleomenes III
  • Eudamidas I
  • Archidamus IV
  • Eudamidas II
  • Agis IV
  • Eudamidas III
  • Archidamus V
  • Eucleidas
  • Agesipolis III
  • Lykourgos
  • Laconicus
  • Machanidas
  • Nabis


  • Athens
  • Piraeus
  • Marathon
  • Plataea
  • Phyle
  • Argos
  • Hermione
  • Amyclae
  • Helos
  • Ancona
  • Decelea
  • Sparta
  • Phocaea
  • Chios
  • Zacynthus
  • Mantinea
  • Heraclea
  • Oropos
  • Eleusis
  • Tarentum
  • Nemea
  • Elis
  • Philus
  • Troezen
  • Pylos
  • Sphacteria
  • Messene
  • Cyllene
  • Gythium
  • Kroton


  • The Roman Republic in the Imperivm Invictvm campaign are depicted as having the same faction bonuses as the Chremonidean League, but share the same tech tree as the Romans (who for the purposes of the campaign are re-stylised as the Gens Julii.
  • The Athenian faction is used as the template for most city-states such as Saguntum and Emporion.
  • The Spartan faction on the other hand is used to represent colonies formerly founded by Sparta, such as Tarentum and Crete.