Cohors Evocata
(Roman Reformed Elite Sword Infantry)
Cohors evocata icon
Unit type Sword Infantry
Base cost 40 Food Food, 60 Wealth Wealth,

40 Metal Metal

Ramping cost 3 Wealth Wealth
Creation time 18.7 seconds
Hit points 310
Line of sight 8
Movement speed 31
Attack strength 30
Attack range 0-0
Armour 21
Population cost Population
Created at Noble Residence
Prerequisites Level 2 Reforms
Upgrades from Pedites Extraordinarii
Upgrades to none
Available to Romans

The soldiers in this unit are veterans who have voluntarily reenlisted after being discharged from the army. As a result, they are highly experienced, much more so than the ordinary legionaries. Another benefit of their status is that they receive the best armour available: the latest models of the Montefortino and Coolus helmets, a pair of greaves and a chain mail tunic. They still fight with a gladius sword like regular infantry, but it is possible to tell them apart from other legionaries by their unbeatable levels of skill, discipline and endurance. Cohors Evocata are ideal for border skirmishing or defence, given their being extremely fast on foot within your own borders.


Historically, discharged soldiers were able to reenlist into a veteran corps in the Roman army. They received more privileges than normal infantry, holding a higher rank and not having to partake in routine duties.


Their unit model was changed in The Hellenistic Era 0.11.