Cohors Iaculatores
(Roman Reformed Javelin Infantry)
Cohors iaculatores icon
Unit type Javelin Infantry
Base cost 20 Food Food, 40 Wealth Wealth,

20 Timber Timber

Ramping cost 1 Wealth Wealth, 1 Timber Timber
Creation time 11.9 seconds
Hit points 95
Line of sight 8
Movement speed 29
Attack strength 28
Attack range 0-7
Armour 11
Population cost Population
Created at Barracks
Fortified Barracks
Prerequisites Level 2 Reforms
Upgrades from Hastati Reformati
Upgrades to none
Available to Roman Icon

The Cohors Iaculatores is a superb professional heavy infantry unit. These reformed javelineers have high quality equipment, including a chain mail coat, a scutum shield and a Montefortino or Coolus-type helmet. They take a long time to train, but their levels of discipline and endurance makes it worth the trouble.


The Marian reforms affected the Roman army in many ways. There ceased to be any form of property requirements, so men of all social classes could fight in the legion. The Marian legionaries were uniformly equipped and they had to carry as much of their equipment as possible (which is why they became known as "Marius' mules"). They became increasingly loyal to their generals, who had to take care of the veterans.