The Sacred Band forms an elite corps of soldiers for the Carthaginian army, and consists of a highly trained and professional corps of pike units. Sacredband foot catw


"The famous elite sacred bataillon from Carthage was mentioned during Hamilcar and Hannibal's campaigns, in the greek tradition of sacred citizen elite phalanx, devouted to the goddess protective of Carthage, Thanit. Only the most renowned families of carthage, which could be given their best equipments, are honored to grant their sons to be part of it. In other terms, for some authors, it could be seen also as the senate of carthage elite guard, and normally a carthaginian local force, which was not supposed to serve in a campaign, but only for the defence of the city itself. It was a very impressive unit, which was quite impossible to break, and which was to be fought really until the last man... These were quite rare, beeing only raised amongst the richest families of Carthage itself, and take no part during the battle of Zama."

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