Dorkim Kan'anim Meshoorianim
(Advanced Punic Infantry)
Phalangitai deuteroi icon
Unit type Pike Infantry
Base cost 20 Food Food, 20 Wealth Wealth, 10 Metal Metal
Ramping cost 18 Wealth Wealth
Creation time 11 seconds
Hit points 120
Line of sight 6
Movement speed 20
Attack strength 34
Attack range 0-2
Armour 16
Population cost 1 Population Population
Created at Peasant Dwellings
Prerequisites none
Upgrades from Dorkim Kan'anim Mookdamim
Upgrades to none
Available to carthaginians

Unlike their predecessors which followed drills practised by both the Assyrians and Greeks, Dorkim Kan'anim Meshoorianim now rely on a powerful new weapon made popular by the Hellenistic kingdoms — the sarissa or pike. These units are the so-called "New Punic Infantry" who instead of fighting in hoplite fashion, now rely on the use of massed pike for added range, making them a menace to enemy melee units. They may not be as hard-hitting as most Greek ones, but their added armour and range make them a highly undesirable target for most melee units.

Although they are clearly tougher, they should not be used alone — it is better to deploy other lighter units such as elite Punic hoplites and cavalry alongside them. They are obviously weaker than most Greek phalangites, but also make up for it with their added movement speed. Think of them as "fast phalangites", who are used ideally for keeping shock cavalry units at bay, and to defend light missile units with the reach of their weapons.


Historically, the Phalangitai Deuteroi were only levied in desperate situations, primarily to defend Macedon from foreign invaders such as the Galatians and Romans.


  • Phalangitai Deuteroi is English transcription of the Greek φαλαγγίται δεύτεροι which means "second phalangites".


(Advanced Phoenician Heavy Infantry) A more powerful unit that is an upgrade of Dorkim Kan'anim Mookdamim. Essentially converts the hop;lite int a Phalanx