Fierce and independent in spirit, Basques were frequently recruited by various kings as hired swords. in Kings & Conquerors, they are represented by the Dosidaskateli, a group of highly powerful but costly mercenary heavy spear units. The armour they bear into battle is so well-wrought that it makes them near-impervious to most missile weapons, so Dosidaskateli can be comapred in may ways to the Spartan units of the Chremonidean League.

Unlike the Lanceari who function primarily as anti-cavalry units, Dosidaskateli do not suffer from the mobility or attack speed penalties of the same, and can be used against all manner of melee units, bar super-heavy cavalry and a select few super units, such as heavy chariots and war elephants. As such it is better to train a small body of Dosidaskateli, rather than to create them en masse, because the cost of their equipments and their professionalism means that they are very, very costly. Moreover, in order to induct them into your army, some form of politicking is required and thus only Celtiberian players who have researched Despotism are allowed to field them.


Although the Celtiberians were proficient in metalworking and could craft swords which would be the envy of the Roman world, the most common weapon in use was the spear. Fairly simple yet effective in skilled hands, spears were weapons ideal for a society that had to be self-sufficient and seasoned in order to survive. Herding, the main economic activity of the Iberian tribes, was an activity fraught with many dangers, particularly from one's peers and shepherds who survived long enough would become warriors, fit to serve the tribal chiefs who were obliged to fight in the defence of those who swore fealty to them. Thus in times of war, the Iberian tribal chiefs could be assured of being capable of raising a good many spearmen from levying the pastoral classes.

Basques (or euskadulnak as they call themselves) hail from a region bordering both France and Iberia known as Bizkaia, anglicised as Biscay, and may be one of the oldest communities in Europe, being descended directly from the very first humans to colonise Western Europe. Mostly ensconced in the Pyrenees and largely bypassed by the Romans, they managed to retain a great deal of their culture and their language, and by the 5th century established a small state, known as the Duchy of Pamplona.

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