These warriors function as super medium javelin cavalry, capable of holding their own against most melee infantry with their Roman-styled javelins, and are the strongest of the three mercenary units available to the Suebian army. Use these with care, for they train slowly due to their need for armour, as well as their prohibitive cost.

Of all the Germanic tribes, there must be none so famous - or rather, notorious - as the Cherusci. It was from the Cherusci that the German warlord Arminius hailed from. Initially allied to the Romans, Arminius became a turncoat and eventually slaughtered three Roman legions wholesale in the Teutoburg Forest in 9CE. Although the defeat at Teutoburg was a stinging defeat for the Romans, the Romans responded with due force, causing Arminius to lose favour and eventually his life, and resulting in internal chaos within the tribe shortly after his death (in 21CE according to Tacitus). From then on, little more about what happened to the Cherusci has managed to be passed down to us, although it is hypothesised that the Franks or Saxons may be descended from them or assimilated them.


In The Wolf Among Lions, the Suebi can't recruit the Druhtiz Herusku unless they have first taken control of Heruskolandam. Once that area is subjugated, a popup will appear, requesting the player to pay for their services, which will require some tribute. This popup will not appear until the next time when the Suebi take control of the territory again from a foreign power.

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