Elephantes Liboukoi

Pilei Ya'ar
(African Forest Elephants)

Unit type War elephant
Base cost 120 Food Food, 10 Wealth Wealth
Ramping cost 2 Metal Metal
Creation time 6.7 seconds
Hit points 230
Line of sight 2
Movement speed 20
Attack strength 20
Attack range 0-0
Armour 4
Population cost 1 Population Population
Created at Outpost
Prerequisites For Sabaean Pilei Ya'ar:—

Linears Military, Offen Mileng
For Elephantes Liboukoi:—
Mercs Military

Upgrades from none
Upgrades to none
Available to Carthaginian IconNumidian IconPtolemaic IconSabaean Icon

They may be the weakest of all elephant units, but do not be fooled: the Elephantes Liboukoi / Pilei Ya'ar or African forest elephants are amongst the most powerful units, and as their name suggests, pack a punch against all but the most hardenened units. In addition to being able to deal splash damage around them like shock cavalry, Elefantes Liboukoi are also tougher, stronger, and also have an attack bonus against horse-based melee cavalry, thanks to their scent which spooks horses, and their immensely tough hide.

Use these potent pachyderms to demolish formations of melee infantry and cavalry, but keep them away from lighter units armed with missiles, such as chariot skirmishers and foot archers. Additionally, swarms of pike infantry are also able to bring your elephants to grief if you let the enemy surround them, so you should always have them supported with other units, such as light infantry and archers to keep your enemy's missile units and heavy infantry at bay.


Pilei Ya'ar and Elephantes Liboukoi are very much the same unit, but have different tech requirements and obviously different appearances. While the Egyptians, Numidians and Carthaginians can recruit them almost immediately once Mercenaries is obtained, the Sabaean Pilei Ya'ar needs BOTH Monarchy AND Strategic Reserves in order to be unlocked.


Aside from horses, elephants are the only other animal in the world to have been used extensively by humans for combat duty. Today, elephants can be found only in the deepest jungles of Asia and the wildest reaches of sub-Saharan Africa, but in times of antiquity, this was not so. A smaller elephant species, today classified as Loxodonta africana pharaoensis, was recorded by classical historians to have a range throughout the North African coast and the Near East.

Unlike the African elephant species of today's savannah which by all means are untameable, this "pygmy" or "forest elephant" species was docile enough to be tamed by humans for all manner of uses, but was eventually hunted to extinction in times of peace for ivory and food. However, if Muslim and Armenian sources are of credible worth, this species of elephant was still very much extant and being utilised as a military resource as recently as the late 6th century CE — Qur'anic lore recounts that a Himyarite king once laid siege to Mecca with an army of elephants shortly before the Prophet's birth.



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