The Wolf Among Lions A Tale of Two Kings
Playable factions

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In contrast, the Epirote campaign might well be easier than most because unlike Macedon which is confronted by Greek factions from the south and the east, the Epirotes have no such geostrategic restrictions. Expansion to the north and to the west into Italia and Illyria must be made a top priority, with your first task being the annexation of Messapia on the Italian coast for its supply centre. The next task may be to take out Illyria and possibly Thrake in order to further your expansion up north. Do keep an eye on your neighbours to the south, for they may choose to try and seize your lands if there are none left into which to expand — at the start of the campaign, the two factions which really hate you most are the Chremonidoi and the Romans — of which, the Romans may be the stronger faction. It is best to destroy the Romans first, and let your Macedonian and Achaean neighbours to destroy them, since they will not last for long. As an AI player, the Epirotes do not attack other Hellenistic factions, and are more interested in conquest of Italia, Magna Graecia and Sarmatia.

Epirote Icon

CtW objectivesEdit

Gather 1,000 tribute.
Claim control of

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