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The Epirotes have the Power of Ambition. They replace the French.

A longtime partner of Macedon, the Epirote kingdom is located on the very European mainland, fronting the Adriatic to its west. This land of harsh winters and jagged outcrops is one of the most remote parts of Hellas, and its people are on the verge of being called barbarians by other Greeks due to their cultural and sociological differences, but it is only due to the swords of the Epirotes that the Greeks need not fear an invasion from the Illyrians whose domain impinges on Epeiros' very northern border.

The mountains of Epeiros, however, are not completely barren. The forests of Epeiros are amongst some of the most fecund forestry areas, and the ambition of the Epirote kings (who claim descent from none other than the hero Achilles) has also honed the nation's warriors into a formidable fighting force capable of standing toe-to-toe with those of the many Greek states which have spread all over the Mediterranean and Asia.

Faction BonusesEdit

  • Ethnic Confederacy: New forts spawn 1 general each for free when built.
  • War Economy: Receive a free supply wagon each time a new siege factory is built.
  • Strategic Efforts: Siege factory units 25% cheaper and 50% faster
  • Sacred Oaks: Start with Lumber Mill, and upgrades for free. Woodcutters holds +2 citizens.
  • Pindian Pride: +10% Commerce cap on Timber



  • Passaron
  • Photike
  • Thronion
  • Amantia
  • Antigonia
  • Antipatrea
  • Artichia
  • Aulon
  • Bouthroton
  • Cestrine
  • Chimaera
  • Chrysondyon
  • Oropos
  • Torone
  • Pandosia
  • Elea
  • Bucheta
  • Elatria
  • Ambracia
  • Dodona
  • Eurymenai
  • Orraon
  • Bouneima
  • Korkyra
  • Tekmona
  • Charadros
  • Chyton
  • Polonus
  • Gitanae
  • Elateia
  • Batiai
  • Creonion
  • Gertus
  • Hekatompedon
  • Olympe
  • Onchesmos
  • Phoenice
  • Thesprotia
  • Trampya
  • Helikranon
  • Ilium
  • Elina
  • Elaias
  • Limen
  • Sybota
  • Cheimerion
  • Ephyra
  • Cassope
  • Berenike
  • Kastrosykia
  • Pelion
  • Phanoteia
  • Orikos
  • Panormos


The Epeirote faction is used to represent the Adriatic Illyro-Greek city-states like Sirakusa and Salona, as well as the Odrysian kingdom.