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  • Strong militaristic faction, with bonuses in Timber production.
  • Enhanced strategic offensive capabilities.
  • Good melee infantry and cavalry


  • Army outdated in the late-game
  • Expensive units
  • Technologically backward

With the Epirotes, we have a strong faction that boasts some of the most powerful Hellenistic armies to boot. Like the Macedonians, the Epirotes have very strong hevy pike infantry, as well as a good number of mercenaries, including Indian War Elephants, which have an awesome attack and are able to attack in both melee AND range, as well as the Illyrioi mercenary block, in addition to the Sabelli mercenary block which specialises in fast-moving units.

Couple this with the Greek penchant for advanced war machines and toughened armoured heavy infantry, and you have a potential powermonger, especially given the ability of the Epirotes to heal nearby units using Supply Wagons. The Epirote strategy is always to break the enemy's heavy infantry using its mix of units — especially Illyrioi — before sending in cavalry as the main striking force, with the better but slower Greek units held back as a reserve.

Even so, the Epirotes are not the best faction. For one, the number of available upgrades which can be purchased are limited, making the Epirotes one of the most backward factions even among the Greek and Hellenistic factions, especially in comparison to the Chremonidean League or the Seleucids.Epirote forts lack the ability to extend their weapon range and strength, thus making them more vulnerable to epic rushing by factions such as the Chremonidean League's Spartiots, or attack by siege weapons and siege ships. While the Construction upgrades of the Sawmill can be obtained for free, the Epirotes are slightly limited with regards to their ability to gather Metal and Wealth (because of their lack of the final production techs at the Foundry and Temple). This might not seem a great deal, until you realise that the exorbitant costs of their best units means that such units will be very limited in number unless you could secure allies to "feed" you, Any faction with good national bonuses in Metal and Wealth are ideal, especially the Sabaeans and Pontics because of their unique abilities.

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