Equites Consulares
(Roman Elite Shock Cavalry)
Equites consulares icon
Unit type Shock Cavalry
Base cost 120 Food Food, 180 Wealth Wealth, 140 Metal Metal
Ramping cost 9 Wealth Wealth
Creation time 37 seconds
Hit points 230
Line of sight 4
Movement speed 36
Attack strength 40
Attack range 0-0
Armour 20
Population cost 1 Population Population
Created at Meeting House
Prerequisites none
Upgrades from none
Upgrades to none
Available to Romans

These elite heavy cavalry are the best soldiers available to Rome. They are incredibly well trained and have the finest armour available, and their charges are absolutely devastating. Of course, such men come at a high cost, but it only takes a few of them to change the outcome of a battle.


Historically, they formed a small, loyal bodyguard that protected the consuls and other high-ranking officials.


Their unit model was changed in The Hellenistic Era 0.11.


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