Equites Speculatores
(Roman Reformed Javelin Cavalry)
Equites speculatores icon
Unit type Javelin Cavalry
Base cost 40 Food Food, 80 Wealth Wealth, 20 Timber Timber
Ramping cost 4 Wealth Wealth, 1 Timber Timber
Creation time 24.2 seconds
Hit points 215
Line of sight 15
Movement speed 41
Attack strength 41
Attack range 0-6
Armour 8
Population cost 1 Population Population
Created at Stable
Prerequisites Level 2 Reforms
Upgrades from none
Upgrades to none
Available to Romans

The equites speculatores ("scout cavalry") are lightly armoured cavalrymen ideal for skirmishing. These men are not Roman, but are Germanic tribesmen recruited into Roman service as auxiliaries. Armed with javelins, they can attack from a safe distance and then quickly withdraw before the enemies come too close.


Historically, as the equites became more of a political and economical force than a military one, foreign auxiliaries completely replaced the italic cavalry of the late Republican army. These cavalry auxiliaries were recruited from numerous peoples, most notably the Iberians, Gauls, Germans and Thracians.


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