Tribe maskEdit

Name Tribe mask code BHG original Unit style Build style
Chremonideans 100000000000000000000000 Persians Greek Greek
Saba 010000000000000000000000 Dutch Indo-Arab Afro-Arabic
Armenians 001000000000000000000000 Indians Eastern Eastern
Achaeans 000100000000000000000000 Americans Greek Greek
Sarmatians 000010000000000000000000 Lakota Eastern Nomadic
Suebi 000001000000000000000000 Iroquois Barbarian Celtic
Parthians 000000100000000000000000 Mongols Eastern Eastern
Britons 000000010000000000000000 Koreans Barbarian Celtic
Bosporans 000000001000000000000000 Japanese Greek Eastern
Baktrians 000000000100000000000000 Chinese Indo-Arab Eastern
Numidians 000000000010000000000000 Russians Egyptian Afro-Arabic
Pontics 000000000001000000000000 Germans Eastern Eastern
Getae 000000000000100000000000 British Eastern Celtic
Epirotes 000000000000010000000000 French Greek Greek
Carthaginians 000000000000001000000000 Spanish Greek Punic
Romans 000000000000000100000000 Turks Roman Roman
Egyptians 000000000000000010000000 Egyptians Egyptian Egyptian
Macedonians 000000000000000001000000 Romans Greek Greek
Pergamenes 000000000000000000100000 Greeks Greek Greek
Nabataeans 000000000000000000010000 Nubians Eastern Punic
Seleucids 000000000000000000001000 Bantu Eastern Eastern
Lusitanians 000000000000000000000100 Inca Barbarian Spanish
Celtiberians 000000000000000000000010 Maya Roman Spanish
Arverni 000000000000000000000001 Aztecs Barbarian Celtic
  • Units: Barbarian, Eastern, Greek, Egyptian, Roman


R​oman (M)

  • Romans

Celtic (N)Edit

  • Gauls, Britons, Suebi, Getai

Ponto-Iranic (A)Edit

  • Seleucids, Bactrians, Pontics, Armenians, Parthians

Greek (K)Edit

  • Bosporans, Epirotes, Chremonideans, Achaeans, Macedonians, Pergamenes

Punic (S)Edit

  • Carthaginians, Nabataeans

Afro-Arab (T)Edit

  • Sabaeans, Nabataeans

Nomadic (I)Edit

  • Sarmatians

Spanish (U)Edit

  • Celtiberians, Lusitanians

Egyptian (E)Edit

  • Ptolemaic Egyptians

Some problemsEdit

One of the issues we face comes in the form of the Parthians.

Because of the extent of Greek architecture, it was very much EVERYWHERE from the Levant well into India. Super7700 has suggested using a Hellenistic Greek style using elements of Persian construction. Possible? perhaps. But there are some who'd argue that the Parthians and Armenians deserve better. Other games for all it's worth used Babylonian which we consider a no-no.

One way is to give the Parthians and Armenians different cultural buildings - especially the larger more important ones such as the Palace and the Temple to show the passage of time.

The other way which seems more sensible is to introduce a build style that incorporates Greek design in a Persian the Temple of Anahita. These are all options that need to be explored.


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