Fortified Barracks
Building type Military
Base cost
Ramping cost
Construction time
Hit points
Line of sight
Attack strength
Attack range
Upgrades from Barracks (with Offensive doctrine)
Upgrades to none
Available to All factions

The Fortified Barracks is an upgrade of the Barracks. It is more expensive, but it is stronger and is capable of attacking nearby enemies.

Units trainedEdit

Basic Units Level 1 Reforms Level 2 Reforms
Romans: Principes icon Principes reformati icon Cohors reformata
Triarii icon Triarii reformati icon Cohors reformata
File:Hastati icon.jpg Hastati reformata icon Cohors iaculatores icon
Macedonians: Agrianikoi pelekephoroi icon
Pezhetairoi icon --- --------------- Hysteroi pezhetairoi icon
Hoplitai icon Thureophoroi icon


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