Gaisoz Ridanz
(Germanic Javelin Cavalry)
File:Gridanz icon.jpg
Unit type Javelin Cavalry
Base cost x Food Food, y Wealth Wealth, z Timber Timber
Ramping cost  ? Wealth Wealth, ? Timber Timber
Creation time  ? seconds
Hit points  ?
Line of sight  ?
Movement speed  ?
Attack strength  ?
Attack range 0-?
Armour  ?
Population cost 1 Population Population
Created at Stable
Prerequisites  ?
Upgrades from  ?
Upgrades to  ?
Available to Suebi

The Gaisoz Ridanz or "javelin rider" in old German is a genus of ranged cavalryman unique to the Suebi faction.

Any other information regarding this unit is still lost in the mists of time, and our archaeologists are trying to spade him to see how he works.

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