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The Getae have the Power of Unity.

From the highlands of Dacia to the marshy heights of the Euxine Bosporus, the children of Zalmoxis — the so-called Thracian race — holds sway and has done so for generations. However, the old ways are under threat, and not always from the sword and bow — for even as the younger generations are increasingly enamoured of the ways of the cowardly Greeks, the uninhibited ambitions of neighbouring powers have become increasingly pronouced following Alexander the Great's victory over the Thracian hordes.

One tribe, however, remains true to the ways of their tribe and ancestors: the Getae far in their mountainous homes, which are known for making proficient archers out of even the lowliest woodsmen. The Getae are no strangers to the ways of the slimy Greeks, however, and have learnt much in improving their navies and their fortifications, ensuring that any attempt against the Getae which is ill planned and undermanned will come to an unlucky end under the might of the Getae.

Faction bonusesEdit

  • Gold Mining: +25% Commerce Cap. Receive double income from Taxation, and tax upgrades are 50% cheaper.
  • Danubian Domination: Ships created 10% faster. Get two free Fishing Boats whenever you build a new Dock.
  • Eye for Marksmanship: Receive Archer upgrades for free.
  • High Ground Advantage: +2 range to Forts and Towers.
  • The Eye of Gebeleizis: Barracks can spawn Archers.


  • Rhoemetalcus
  • Duras
  • Burebista
  • Sitalces
  • Dapyx
  • Rholes
  • Zoltes
  • Rhemaxos


  • Helis
  • Aiadava
  • Capidava
  • Argidava
  • Bregedava
  • Dausdava
  • Jidava
  • Muridava
  • Nentidava
  • Pulpudeva
  • Ramidava
  • Sandava
  • Sarmizegetusa
  • Tamasidava
  • Thermidava
  • Zucidava
  • Acidava
  • Giridava
  • Sargedava
  • Carsidava
  • Cumidava
  • Buteridava
  • Itadava
  • Marcodava
  • Patridava
  • Petrodava
  • Recidava
  • Sagadava
  • Saidava
  • Sucidava
  • Ziridava
  • Aedava
  • Docidava
  • Arcina
  • Arutela
  • Buricodava
  • Buridava
  • Clepidava
  • Cuimedava
  • Pelendava
  • Perburidava
  • Rusidava
  • Sacidava
  • Setidava
  • Singidava
  • Zismedava
  • Zargidava