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  • Very flexible faction ideal for rushing and/or booming
  • Good shock infantry, supported by a number of missile units and cavalry


  • Limited assortment of heavy infantry and cavalry
  • Easily outclassed in late game due to technological inferiority.

The Getic faction is classified by three factors: defence, economy, and navy. With towers and forts enjoying a boost in their tactical capabilities, and the ability to spawn fishing ships from your harbour once erected, the Getae can work towards becoming a powerful sea power, protected on land by powerful fortresses. However, defensive actions aren't the main component that dominates the Getic art of war.

In contrast to the far reach of Getic defences, the Getae host some of the hardest-hitting warriors — the Drapanai, armed with the sinister doubled-handed sword known as the falx. think of them like stereotypical "berserker" infantry units who have immense attack but low defensive parameters. Many of the Getae's best units consist of these units, as well as missile-armed cavalry and infantry.

The best way to use them would be to weaken a foe with sufficient missiles, then send in the Drapanai as shock troops to break down any survivors who by now should have been sufficiently weakened enough for them to take out on their own. Got a bucketload of Pezhetairoi breathing down your neck? shower them with arrow fire. Are there too many Romans mobbing around to destroy your cities? just use your missile cavalry to cut down the melee units, then use the Drapanai to wipe out the survivors. Too many Celts and Germans on the field? a mad cavalry charge with missiles hurled left, right and centre ought to do the trick.

The only danger to face the Getae would be the Eastern cavalry factions — namely the Sarmatians, Parthians and Armenians, whose heavy cavalry could make short work of any formations of Drapanai. In which case, it might be more ideal to use your defences to supplement your Drapanai — you can saturate your territory with strong points which can then be manned by the Drapanai who are then supported by the far reach of your buildings. Additionally, the Greeks and Romans are also able to train medium swordsmen at later stages of the game who can resist your Drapanai, so you need to work quickly. Wear down your opponent's economy by destroying his initial armies with your combined-arms approach and take his cities  — otherwise, he will just level up on the technology race, and eventually overcome you.

Taking these into account, the Getae are thus a faction best suited for fast-paced combined armes action, either defensively or aggressively with some flexibility and an element based on building and growing cities and careful strategic play. Higher commerce caps and an ability to scrounge more from fishing and tax mean that there will be additional resources to plough into its powerful cavalry and infantry. Missile units must be used to counter the enemy's own missile units and heavy infantry, which can then be neutralised by your hordes of Drapanai.

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