Hastati Sabelli
(Mercenary Javelin Infantry)
Hastati sabelli icon
Unit type Javelin Infantry
Base cost 380 Wealth Wealth
Ramping cost 38 Wealth Wealth
Creation time 158
Hit points 105
Line of sight 11
Movement speed 24
Attack strength 30
Attack range 4-9
Armour 6
Population cost 1 Population Population
Created at Outpost
Prerequisites Military Military 2 (Mercenaries)
Upgrades from none
Upgrades to Cohors Iaculatores (Romans)
Available to Romans

The hastati sabelli are medium infantry armed with javelins. They aren't as deadly as Rome's hastati, but they are more nimble. The hastati sabelli can be distinguished by their short, patterned tunics and by the feathers decorating their attic or montefortino helmets. They all have a pair of greaves, and some wear a pectoral plate.


Historically, the Sabellians were a collection of Oscan tribes around central and southern Italy, including the Samnites and Campanians.


The Hastati Sabelli are trained in batch with other Sabellian mercenaries. Each batch provides 2 Hastati Sabelli, 2 Hoplites Sabelli and 1 Equites Sabelli.


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