Hiera Ile
(Macedonian Reformed Elite Shock Cavalry)
Hiera Ile icon
Unit type Shock Cavalry
Base cost 160 Food Food, 220 Wealth Wealth, 180 Metal Metal
Ramping cost 11 Wealth Wealth
Creation time 48 seconds
Hit points 350
Line of sight 4
Movement speed 36
Attack strength 54
Attack range 0-0
Armour 27
Population cost 1 Population Population
Created at Meeting House
Prerequisites Level 1 Reforms
Upgrades from Hetairoi
Upgrades to none
Available to Macedonians

The Hiera Ile are the finest soldiers available to Macedon, and are some of the finest available to any faction. They serve as elite shock cavalry, capable of easily destroying enemy forces with their devastating charges. Additionally, they have very high levels of health and they wear the best armour available, allowing them to survive prolonged battles against determined foe. They may take a long time and many resources to train, but even a few of these great cavalrymen can turn a battle in your favour.


The Hiera Ile was the cavalry bodyguard of the Macedonian kings, originally being under the personal command of Alexander the Great. While the elite Hetairoi cavalry all but disappeared in the Macedonian armies once the Antigonid dynasty had come into power, this special unit of cavalry remained, albeit in small numbers.


  • The Hiera Ile was added in The Hellenistic Era 0.11.
  • The Hiera Ile replaced the Basilike Ile.


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