Unit type Spear Infantry
Base cost
Ramping cost
Creation time
Hit points
Line of sight
Movement speed
Attack strength
Attack range
Population cost
Created at Meeting House
Upgrades from none
Upgrades to Thorakitai Agematos Basilikou (Seleucids and Bosporans)
Available to Seleucids

Design Ideas

Stats and characteristics:

Super hoplitai unit. Very tough and expensive.


Unit icon

The unit on the left is the model made for the Hypaspistai. Recommend to use it for all instances of this unit.


Historically, the Hypaspistai were an elite unit which served under Alexander the Great. Being his personal bodyguard they also performed special combat tasks such as protecting the flanks of the phalanx, assaulting fortresses and fighting in difficult terrain. Later they were reincarnated again in the armies of Epirus and the Seleucid empire. The Hypaspistai were equipped and fought in a similar manner to the Hoplitai.

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