Hysteroi Pezhetairoi
(Macedonian Reformed Pike Infantry)
Hysteroi pezhetairoi icon
Unit type Pike Infantry
Base cost 50 Food Food, 60 Wealth Wealth, 40 Metal Metal
Ramping cost 3 Wealth Wealth
Creation time 16.3 seconds
Hit points 230
Line of sight 2
Movement speed 16
Attack strength 49
Attack range 0-2
Armour 18
Population cost 1 Population Population
Created at Barracks
Fortified Barracks
Prerequisites Level 2 Reforms
Upgrades from Pezhetairoi
Upgrades to none
Available to Macedonians

The Hysteroi Pezhetairoi are an evolution of the Pezhetairoi unique to Macedon. Their linothorax has been replaced with a chain mail coat, and they have received better training, resulting in a tougher, better armoured, and deadlier unit. Consequentially they are more expensive and take longer to field.


Historically, the Macedonians reformed their pike phalanx after being defeated multiple times by the Romans. As a result of these reforms, their equipment was improved, new and more effective methods of training were introduced and non-Macedonians were able to fight as Pezhetairoi. However, this was still not enough for Macedon to withstand the Roman onslaught, and after the Third Macedonian War they were finally subjugated.


  • Hysteroi Pezhetairoi is English transcription of the Greek ύστεροι πεζέταιροι which means "late foot companions".
  • Although being macedonian unit the model and icon of the Hysteroi Pezhetairoi are actually based on reconstruction of carthaginian phalangite equipped in hellenistic style and wearing a captured roman chain mail during the Second Punic War.


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