"Cisalpinia, 63BCE

A long-contested political campaign has seen you appointed by the Senate as proconsul for northern Italy, but the cost of public renovations in your new jurisdictions has left you deeply in debt to your political opponents, who plan to use your financial distress to wipe you out for good. However, new opportunities await - rumours of further barbarian activity beyond the Republic's borders present a chance at martial glory and financial success, which may allow you to return back to Rome ....and CONQUER THE WORLD."


Only Gens Julii (with capital based in Gallia Cisalpina) are playable. They differ from normal Romans in that they don't train Syrorum.

Other factions:

  • Roman Republic /Optimates (they assume the Chremonidian bonuses, and have 2 capitals - Achaea and Rome). They differ from normal Romans in that they cannot train Sabelli or Gallorum - see to it that Greek mercenaries are done ASAP.
  • Cantabres - they control only Asturia.
  • Suebi - controls a fairly large part of Germany.
  • Belgae - They control both Caint and part of Bellovacaea. While they carry over units from the Britons, they use the old Sabaean bonuses.
  • Arverni - control most parts of Gaul
  • Ptolemaic Kingdom - usual place
  • Dacia - they rule over two territories in Magna Dacia - Dacia and Getia.
  • Numidia (vassal state to Roman Republicans) - based in Atlas Pontus - a vassal of SPQR..
  • Pontus
  • Bosporans - a vassal of SPQR.
  • Judaea - represented by Carthage. Controls only Judaea, is an ally of the Romans
  • Odrysians - based off Epirotes, uses same architecture. Allied to Rome and rule Thracia.
  • Parthians - they control the easternmost end of the map.
  • Seleucids - have their base in Syria. They actually don't exist, but only as a rebel faction in the area. It isn't likely that you will be able to kill them instantly.
  • Armenia and Kartli
  • Gens Julii - Romans. All complete.
  • Nabataeans
  • Aedui - Use the Briton bonuses.
  • Illyrians - based off Achaeans, but have a different set of units and clearly a different bunch of units.Illyroi are all trained to resist heavy infantry and this is the same for them too.

Factions that do not appear on the map.

  • Scythians - Scythians replace the Bactrians. The cavalry is Partho-Sarmatian, but their construction is based off the desert factions like the Nabataeans and Numidians.
  • Yonas - they take over from the Bactrians

Factions that retain over their original units?

No Barracks Hoplites or Phalangites for Greek factions (except the Yonas and Bosporans): they have either machairophoroi or Thureophoroi.

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