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The Cantabres are a group of independents whose influence ranges across the northern part of Spain called Tarraconensis, with their capital in Cantabria and their influence also falling on their western enighbours in Asturia. If left alone, they can move west to seize the rebel region of Gallaecia and boost their numbers, ensuring that they will be a thorn in the flesh of the Roman republic. Although they are somewhat poor, they have a stock of bonus cards and are hostile to Rome,they are still open to trading with you. With four of their cards: Traitors, Sabotage, Treachery and Mercenaries, you should contemplate purchasing cards from them should the need arise.

Since the Cantabres will never accept vassalisation offers, pre-emptive elimination of the Cantabres may be necessary but impossible until you share a border with them. Like many of the smaller factions of the game, they will side with their Roman enemies if you launch an attack on Rome, so be warned. Alternatively, you can simply ignore them or pay them off with tribute to stop them fighting you.

Should you find yourself facing them in combat, it will be of interest to know that like many of the minor nations, the Cantabres are very much weakened — they do continue to follow the military traditions of the vanilla Celtiberians, but are weakened with two regards: units from the Meeting House and Palace are absent, and mercenaries are not available from the Outpost save for the Gessoi and Lanceari .

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Initial startEdit

  • Territories covered: Cantabria (capital, level 5); Asturia (level 1)
  • EnemiesRoman Republic
  • Tribute: 50
  • Bonus: 1 x Mercenaries, 1 x Traitors, 1 x Treachery, 1 x Sabotage


Instead of Numantia, the Cantabrian capital is called Lankia.

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