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The Dacian kingdom controls two areas: Dacia and Getia, and is allied to the Roman buffer state of Thrace, meaning that for a time the Roman Republic and Dacia will not be going to war with each other any time soon. Even so, the number of armies Dacia controls means that sooner or later you may have to take them into reckoning, for if the Dacians seize substantial amounts of territory from Rome, you might be in trouble.

The Dacian kingdom uses a roster somewhat similar to that of the Odrysians, so they are somewhat tricky opponents to beat. Still, because Dacia is so rich in tribute, you can choose to swing your armies eastwards once you have established a foothold in the Alps. Conquering them will create the 200 tribute you will need to clear your debts, prevent a bankruptcy defeat and obtain full control of your armies, however it would also result in Rome automatically declaring war on you.

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