Since we are expanding this out as a "starter pack" we should elaborate on the factions of this mod further:

  • Roman Republic /Optimates (they assume the Chremonidian bonuses, and have 2 capitals - Achaea and Rome). They differ from normal Romans in that they cannot train Sabelli or Gallorum - see to it that Greek mercenaries are done ASAP.
  • Cantabres - they control only Asturia.
  • Suebi - controls a fairly large part of Germany.
  • Atrebates - They control both Caint and part of Bellovacaea
  • Arverni - control most parts of Gaul
  • Ptolemaic Kingdom - usual place
  • Dacia - they rule over two territories in Magna Dacia - Dacia and Getia.
  • Numidia (vassal state to Roman Republicans) - based in Atlas Pontus - a vassal of SPQR..
  • Pontus
  • Bosporans - a vassal of SPQR.
  • Judaea - represented by Carthage. Controls only Judaea, is an ally of the Romans
  • Odrysians - based off Epirotes, uses same architecture.. Allied to Rome and rule Thracia..
  • Parthians - they control the easternmost end of the map.
  • Seleucids - have their base in Syria. They actually don't exist, but only as a rebel faction in the area. It isn't likely that you will be able to kill them instantly.
  • Armenia
  • Gens Julii - Romans. All complete.
  • Nabataeans
  • Illyrians - based off Achaeans


  • Sabaeans
  • Lusitani
  • Sarmatians
  • (others: Pergamon, Macedon, )

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