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Because of its long association with the late Armenian kingdom, Kartli is depicted as being similar to the Armenian civilisation, with its leader being Pharnavaz II. Kartli controls the territory that bears its name on the shores of the Euxine Sea, bordering Roman Cimmeria and the old Pontic kingdom which is a vassal state of Rome. Owing to its isolation and strong fortifications Kartli has a fortification level of 6, making it very difficult to beat unless sufficient skill is exercised. All told, it would be best to leave them alone although usually they will attack the Romans and start a war with them ... or falling to the Parthians .

Otherwise, the Armenians exist as a barbarian/rebel faction with control over Armenian Inferior and Armenia Superior, the other areas of this region held alike by the Parthians and Kartli.

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Initial startEdit

  • Territories: Lazica (level 3, capital)
  • Tribute: 50
  • Bonus: 1 x Wealth Boom
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