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In Imperivm Invictvm, Egypt is depicted as being in its final years as an independent kingdom under Cleopatra VI. It is weak, corrupt, and allied to Rome, yet is unable to truly assert itself with control being exerted solely on Egypt itself. As with most Greek factions Greek style pike units such as the Agema and the Phalangitai are notably absent (although they still retain their cavalry units) meaning that if you would consider an invasion of Egypt, you might be able to break through and cause chaos owing to their lack of proper heavy infantry.

As with the Roman Republic, invading it as Gens Julii will not destroy the nation. Rather, it will recast it as one of your vassals, with Cleopatra VII in power and allowing you to keep the the two armies it can lend you. HOWEVER, choosing to vassalise it may decrease support for you at home, so you had best be careful.Should support for you decrease, it will case the Roman Republic to rebel, forcing you to have to start off subjugating it by force again. Additionally, choosing to attack the Egyptians before declaring war on Rome will cause Rome to declare war on you all the time.

Ptolemaic Icon

Initial startEdit

  • Territories: Aegyptus (level 3, papyrus, 1 x supply); Sinai (level 4, gems)
  • HegemonRoman Republic
  • Tribute: 100
  • Bonus: 1 x Science Eureka; 1 x Civics Eureka
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