The Wolf Among Lions Imperivm Invictvm Rise of the Barbarians

In Imperivm Invictvm , the Suebi are depicted as being on the peripheries of the known world, occupying a vast swathe of territory. The Suebi are warlike and will form no alliances with any of the factions around you, but they are always more than willing to trade away any lands they have with you for tribute whereso possible.

As the leader of the Gens Julii faction of the Romans, your task will be to drive out the Suebi before they can expand out of their lands and menace the rest of the world, for regardless how you plot your campaign for the conquest of the entire world, the Suebi can easily reach out either westwards into Europa or eastwards towards Dacia, dashing your hopes for a quick and easy win against your foes. Liberating Lugdunensis, the home of your Aedui allies, will be an important start towards consolidation of control over the Celtic lands and eventual global imperium. The Suebi however are aided by the Arverni, so beware should you attempt to take Suebi lands without having defeated the Arverni first.

Initial startEdit

Suebi Icon
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