While not bearing much in the way of armour, the Kludda Lugiae (or "Swords of the Lugii") are armed with the powerful Celtic iron longsword, making them fairly powerful as melee berseker units, meant to be used as a counter to light melee units. The lack of armour however leaves them at the mercy of good shock cavalry or even archers, if for some reason they are incapable of catching up.

The Lugii were thought to be a Germanic tribal confederacy centred around what is known today as the Sudetenland in the present-day Czech Republic around the 1st century CE. They were first mentioned by the Graeco-Roman geographer Strabo, who called them "a grand people" ruled by a king named Maroboduus. Archaeological excavations in Poland and the Czech republic have linked the Lugii to the Przeworsk culture, which in its early days tended to exhibit Celtic cultural influence.


In The Wolf Among Lions, the Suebi can't recruit the Kludda Lugiae unless they have first taken control of Lugouw. Once that area is subjugated, a popup will appear, requesting the player to pay for their services, which will require some tribute. This popup will not appear until the next time when the Suebi take control of the territory again from a foreign power.

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