Komatai Toxotai are the basic archer infantry of the Getic faction, armed with powerful composite bows, owing to their proximity to the Scythian and Sarmatian cultures. Together with other Komatai units, they form a powerful core around which to build your forces. Use Komatai Toxotai and their ability to outrange other units to destroy melee infantry, whilst screening them with your spears and skirmishers against other threats, such as enemy light infantry and cavalry which can wreak havoc if they are allowed to come into contact with them.


Historically, the Komatai were the perfect example of the transitional process of the tribal communities to a stately structure. They were free men, still gathering at the tribe’s calling, but the tribe’s calling was increasingly a response to a call from a tribal union or from the Basileus himself. By the middle of the third century BCE large unions of tribes had begun to fight for the hegemony in the area from the Carpathians all the way to the Danube basin. Komatai made up the vast majority of warriors, while the disparities between the Komatai and the noble Tarabostes grew to an even greater extent.

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