Mar127RWA 104002021
Unit type Light naval unit
Base cost  ? Wealth Wealth
Ramping cost  ?
Creation time Very fast
Hit points Pathetic
Line of sight Poor
Movement speed Slow
Attack strength Laughable
Attack range None
Armour None
Population cost 1
Created at
  • Village
  • City
  • Large City
Prerequisites *y
  • z
Upgrades from  ???
Upgrades to
Available to Getae IconCarthaginian IconCeltiberian IconPtolemaic Icon
Seleucid IconBactrian IconMacedon IconNabataean Icon
Epirote IconPergamene IconBosporan IconPontic Icon
Armenian IconParthian IconSarmatian Icon

This small warship is the basic warship of most Greek warfleets, and being small, fairly fast and manoeuvreable, is ideal for raiding, patrolling and interception duty. For this reason, they are the favourite of privateer fleets, earning them a place in Greek fleets as well as those of the Greek-influenced civilisations of the east. While they are cheap and easy to raise in numbers, they however are very weak if used against larger warships, let alone shore-based fortifications. The Lembos is after all based on a pirate raider, and so this is reflected in its cost, which consists of a base cost of Timber and a ramp cost in Wealth!

Furthermore, as they have small hull sizes, they lack a proper arsenal and so the number of weapons they can discharge at a target at any given time is highly curtailed in quantity and quality. Even so, you should be able to use their cheap recruitment costs to be able to mass early game naval supremacy, Lemboi are also useful in some cases, such as slowing down an enemy fleet until larger forces can be brought to bear on them.


The lembos was the Greek name for a class of light watercraft which was associated with the many tribes which lived along the Adriatic coast. Based around a hull measuring up to 18 metres with a carrying capacity of fifty people and propelled with the help of 16 to 50 oars it was fast, tactically flexible and manoeuvreable, the lembos as well as another vessel of similar quality, the liburna, were often associated with the pirates who plied the Adriatic Sea particularly during the anarchic decades that preceded the foundation of Imperial Rome. In many cases, fleets of lemboi and other light ships were raised by rulers who needed a war fleet but could not afford the costs with maintaining larger vessels, such as the so-called polyremes.


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