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Lusitanian Icon


  • Strong economic bonuses
  • Good early-game infantry and cavalry.


  • Limited late game selection of units
  • Limited technological potential
  • No good late-game units

While they are not as warlike nor as sophisticated as their Celtiberian cousins, the Lusitanians however are no runts in the Iberi litter. For one, they are said to have one of the most desirable sets of national bonuses, if not the best — the ability to churn out Wealth from your Mines, and to receive "life insurance" upon the death of your units.

While these don't seem like much, don't underestimate the immense value this can bring to the board on your side. For one, having added Wealth means plenty of resources. You can either plough it into your powerful early-game heavy cavalry, or you can use it to purchase more resources to round out your army or improve your civilisation. Indeed, Wealth is of importance for the Iberi factions — Caetranann and Scutanann units require Wealth to be produced, and the roster of the Lusitanians are no exception.

Speaking of which, while the Lusitanians do have a number of unique units of their own consisting of  lance cavalry. The most interesting unit in the Lusitanian roster could well be the Ibaranta . This is a cheap spear unit with a special twist: it is stealthed all the time. The Ibaranta could be a very useful unit, as it has decent melee attack, and its ability to remain hidden until it attacks means that it's vastly superior to the Celtiberian Caetranann, which while armed with javelins can't remain hidden except whenever it's stationary. This can then be backed up with the Lusitanian roster of early-game cavalry which is best suited to hit-and-run attacks. In addition to the horse  Caetranann and Scutanann shared with the Celtiberians, the Lusitanians also have access to the Curisi lancers and the Epones Lancearos, who are classified as heavy horse skirmishers meant to function as a counter-cavalry unit.

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