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The Macedonians have the Power of Legacy. They replace the Romans.

Heirs to the heritage of one of the greatest Greeks of all time, the Macedonians hold sway over a land of mountains and hills whose wealth and fertility have swaddled almost two generations of heroes. However, all of what Alexander strove to build has been usurped by traitors, most notably the former strategoi Seleucus and Ptolemy who have set themselves up as kings and gods over their subjects. It will be up to Macedon's kings to reunite the empire and to lead it to greater heights.

Like many Greeks, the Macedonians continue to follow the tried-and-tested phalanx formation of their Argeadae ancestors as well as Alexandrine cavalry tactics. War and empire are not the only things Macedon knows, for it also sits upon some of the richest mines in all of Hellas and for this reason its cities are also hubs of commerce. With proper marshalling of its resources, Macedon's star may become a sunburst of glory that will shine on for ages to come.

National bonusesEdit

  • Mercenary Garrisons: Forts 25% cheaper and 50% faster to build, and exert +3 National Borders.
  • Veterans of Alexander: Heavy Infantry created 10% cheaper and 10% faster. Start with one Military research at the Civic Centre. 
  • Pike Warfare Experts: Receive 2 free Pezhetairoi whenever you build a new Barracks.
  • Royal Mints: Cities gather an extra +15 Wealth Wealth.