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  • Powerful early-game units
  • Large unit variety
  • Able to expand quickly
  • Excellent siege capability
  • Advanced navy


  • Army outdated in the late-game
  • Expensive units
  • Low Influence-gathering ability

The Macedonians are very much an all-round faction, with bonuses benefiting their defence, offence and economy. Their first Military research is free, giving the Macedonians a head start with their military, and they are helped further by the free Pezhetairoi they receive on building a new barracks. Their fort bonuses allow them to expand more aggressively and defend themselves more easily. Additionally, the increased wealth gather rate of their cities is essential for military and economic development, as most units and many buildings and technologies are dependent on wealth. 

The Macedonians have access to a number of effective units, though they are also somewhat expensive. Most of these units are available from the start of the game, making the Macedonians a very powerful force early on. As a consequence, they have few reformed units and will struggle in the late game against fully upgraded armies such as the Roman legions.

Macedonian military is primarily focused on a solid core of pike infantry. These are excellent troops, capable of defeating all but the most elite units when they are in formation. However, don't fall into the same trap as the Antigonid rulers did historically and rely solely on your pike phalanx. Their lack of flexibility in formation prevents them from dealing with skirmishing infantry, and if they aren't in formation they are easy pickings for swordsmen. Instead, follow Alexander's lead and use these men in tandem with your other units. The Macedonians can access a range of other good-quality units including heavy cavalry and assault infantry, so use these soldiers to counter any threats to your pikemen.

All in all, the Macedonians are a strong, well-rounded faction, capable of establishing dominance early in the game. If you are unlucky to have them as your enemy, be sure to focus on training swordsmen and ranged infantry to counter their phalangites, and reform your armies as soon as you have the chance.